Quick Update: Wilton Speight

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Here is a brief update from ’14 QB Wilton Speight this morning. He had a light throwing session with Coach Heck and here are the highlights of our discussion.

– “Coach heck came in and told my coach to just put me through a light workout. He wanted to save my legs and energy for my big basketball game tonight. Then after he told my coach once he saw me throw my first 5 balls he knew the trip was worth it and that he really would see me fitting perfectly at Michigan. Coach Hoke is calling my coach Wednesday and asking to speak with me.”

– About an offer: “I do feel very confident but at the same time staying humble and patient.”

– If an offer comes, what happens next?:
“I discuss the pros and cons with my family and my coach and take my time. Don’t want to act off impulse.”

Derek Devine
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