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Daniel Helm, a 4* TE from Illinois, is one of many TE’s the coaches have been on hot pursuit for. Helm was recently offered by Michigan which brings his total to four (Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee) with many more on the way.

I spoke with Helm briefly to get an update on his recruitment:

On the recruiting process: “It’s going well. I’m just trying to evaluate everything right now. It’s picked up since the first of the year.”

On his “wish list”schools: “When I got my first offer from Illinois I didn’t know exactly who I wanted an offer from. Now that I’m studying how each school uses their tight ends and taking other factors into consideration I think I’ve come up with a good list for myself on who I want offers from and what schools I need to really pursue. So to answer your question it has changed a lot since my first offer.”

On potential top schools list: “Kind of. It changes every now and then but the gist of it has remained intact. In other words I can name some schools that I’m really interested in but I don’t think it’s fair for me to rank them until I visit more schools and see what all of them have to offer.”

What a Michigan offer did for his recruitment: “I think it definitely sped up the process a little. I mean Michigan was my second offer and then within two weeks I received my third and fourth.”

Whether he fits with Michigan: “Based on what the coaches are saying, yes I do. I know Michigan has been more of a spread team with Robinson cause he’s ideal for that type of offense. I was worried because most spread tight ends are just used for blocking. But from what I’ve heard from the coaches it sounds like they’re trying to reestablish the pro style offense at Michigan which uses the tight end a lot.”

On his interest in Michigan: “I am very interested in Michigan. I definitely plan to make some visits there and that offer will be thoroughly considered.”

On factors that will play a role in his recruitment: “There are a lot of factors that I will consider but probably the main ones are (in no particular order) strength and conditioning program/coach, academics, how the tight end is used in the offense, coaching staff, and I think closeness to home will play a role but I’m not 100% sure on that one.”

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