Quick Hits with Brady Pallante

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Brady Pallante (’14 DT) was just recently offered a greyshirt with Michigan. For those who don’t know, greyshirt scholarship offers are an offer where the school wants to delay your enrollment, so your elgibility doesn’t start until you arrive on campus. Essentially meaning you would have to play somewhere else (locally for a junior college or something to that nature) for a year.

With that being said, I spoke with Pallante to get his thoughts on the offer:

– I asked him his level of surprise with the offer and it seemed to me that he wasn’t really surprised, but very grateful. He says he’s been talking to the coaching staff last May around spring practices. He was hoping he would get an offer and he is very grateful for the opportunity.

– Pallante says he has been a Michigan fan ever since he was a little kid.

– Pallante says it is such an honor to be offered a scholarship to UM. As a kid, he grew up dreaming of playing for the Wolverines.

– I asked him what his plans were now that he has the possibility of making his dreams come true and I will let him answer this: “As lucrative as the offer is I do need to take the time to discuss my options with my family. We are going to make sure we make the right choices and not rush into any hasty decisions.”

– He plans on going up to campus the first opportunity he gets and will discuss what the plan is in regards to his place on the team.

That should squash any potential commitment rumors.

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