Michael Ferns and the genius of Project 135

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Brady Hoke has the ability to recruit, it’s no secret that he can do such things. Together with his staff, they’ve potentially set themselves up for many successful years in Ann Arbor. You don’t need me to tell you this stuff.

But, Hoke was given a big boost last year by having someone like Shane Morris work the recruits hard where Hoke and staff couldn’t. It proved to be a valuable asset as Michigan secured a top-five recruiting class in the country. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this was possible with or without Morris, but it sure didn’t hurt.

Would anyone live up to first commit hype? Michigan fans didn’t have to wait very long with Michael Ferns. In other words, the future of Michigan football recruiting is here.

Ferns has a dedication to the University of Michigan that is virtually unheard of, especially considering how early he committed. Once Wilton Speight was officially on board, the two have teamed up and essentially have changed the way many view recruiting.

Ferns’ Project 135 is an absolute gamechanger.

Here’s a kid, a JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL, making waves around the nation with his way to commercialize the Michigan Difference and bring attention to the University. Simply by using t-shirts. This special project has been covered by the likes of ESPN, CBS, and many more news outlets.

Ferns has established something that no one has ever done. A precedence, if you will. Ferns has set the standard so high that others who will come after him have large holes to fill. Something that won’t easily be done.

The movement is pure genius. How genius? We will have to wait until NSD next year to find out for sure.

Even if Hoke cannot comment on the current situation, Project 135 is waiting to explode. It’s just a shame the ’14 class has to be much smaller than last year. With commits coming from Ohio, Virginia, Utah, and Florida. The movement is beginning, with states slowly being covered, Project 135 is coming to a state near you.

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