Bryan Mone.. Monster

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Now that Bryan Mone has officially pulled the trigger and committed to Michigan, we can now possibly speculate on how his commitment will translate on the Michigan roster. You don’t have to look very far to see how he stacks up height and weight wise. Coming in at 6’4 315 lbs, he’s an absolute monster.

Outweighing Poggi, Hurst Jr,  and Charlton. Mone has that elite size and a very high motor that COULD prove to be incredibly useful and valuable to the Michigan defensive line. With plenty of room to gain or lose weight, Mone has a great chance to make an immediate impact on a line that desperately needs a gamechanger.

Though with this early speculation comes caution, we still have another year to go until signing day. Mone is from Salt Lake City and hasn’t received much attention from any of the major schools. Though I’m not saying there is reason to worry, recruiting can be fickle and anything can change in an instant. Now that Mone has committed to Michigan, I am sure the ears of other coaches have perked up.

Bryan Mone reminds me a lot of Haloti Ngata. Both are 6’4 and Ngata weighing in at around 340 pounds. If you wanted someone to compare ceilings with, Ngata would be the guy. It also helps that Ngata went to the same high school as Mone.

Mattison is the master recruiter, he obviously saw something in Mone that reminded him of the past.. Wait, what was that? Ngata plays for the Ravens? Didn’t Mattison coach..? Exactly. If Mone turns out to be half of what Ngata is to the Ravens, Michigan will be just fine.

My take? Michigan has just secured an absolute stud for the defensive line. A diamond in the rough if you will. Mone shows great speed on the line with a very high motor. He is very aggressive and has a “play to the whistle” mentality. But, after speaking with him, he is also a gentle giant. A great kid with a good head on his shoulders.

Either way, I love this commitment. When talent slowly comes back to the lines, the victories will come. Quarterbacks will fear them soon.
Derek Devine
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