Brief Update: Ty Barrett

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Ty Barrett is a 2014 OL that is receiving some heavy looks from the coaching staff as of late. Enough of a look that actually included a visit to Barrett today. Barrett currently holds five offers (LA Monroe, Mississippi, Morgan State, Texas Tech and West Virginia)

I spoke with Barrett about the visit from his coaches and other things about this recruitment.

– He says that his recruitment is going well right now and he’s getting a lot of looks from many different schools.

– I asked him about the visit from the coaches and he told me that they liked his footwork and how he finishes his blocks. They are showing a lot of attention and they said they would keep an eye on him.

– As far as his confidence level goes, he feels very good about an offer and feels one is coming soon.

– If he is offered, he said that Michigan would “most likely” be in his list of top schools.

– What makes him interested in U of M? He states great tradition, great education, great coaches and half of his family lives in Michigan and attended UM.

– He says that having family in Michigan “kinda” has an effect on his decision making if he is offered. But they will leave it up to him to find the best choice of school.

– On what type of player he is: “A hard working, respectful,  responsible, and smart kid that gets after it on the field and loves football.”

I will be paying close attention to Barrett’s recruitment. Especially considering he has family that lives in Michigan. Whether or not that could play a role remains to be seen. But, I can tell you one thing, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Derek Devine
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