Woe is the world: A collection of Derrick Green hate tweets

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Rejoice, Michigan fans! Brady Hoke has landed arguably the most important piece to the 2013 recruiting class. What are you going to do? Let’s go to Disney World!

For others, it might be a dark and lonely night crying to The Notebook whilst eating your pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Or, better yet, taking to Twitter and venting their frustrations on the loss of Green. Now, I must warn you, there is language that is NSFW here.

But, it’s Twitter. What else would you expect?

These tweets were easily accessible. As it only takes someone with half a brain to sift through all the tweets– though many of them were positive and classy. A search of keywords, many of them expletives, lead you where you need to go. The @ mentions were much more difficult as you needed to open up the mentions from ten hours prior and sift through them one by one. Luckily for you all, I got very lazy and ended up using my browsers finder to find most of them. The moral to this story is simple. No matter what you think will end up private, isn’t. Social media can hurt you more than most realize. So, smile! You’re on candid camera!

At any rate, feel free to go point and laugh at the salty folks that run a muck on a Twitter search.

@brookyln_boii27 you’re a bum. I hope you tear your acl and damage all the nerves in your spinal cord and can never walk again #GoGreen
— Anthony Yasso (@anthony_yasso) January 27, 2013

All I have to say about Derrick Green is that he’s obviously dumb as fuck.
— Zach G. (@ZJGoffena) January 26, 2013

We didn’t get Derrick Green but fuck him he’ll regret it
— Justin T Bale (@Prince_JTB) January 26, 2013

Don’t worry Derrick Green will never be academically eligible to play a game! #GoVols#idiot#SEC
— Jordan Wolfe(@WolfeTJordan) January 26, 2013

fuck Derrick Green.
— Veronica Aguilar (@VeeAguilar) January 26, 2013

Fuck Derrick Green. Him, Michigan, andthe Big 10 all suck
— Colby Lewis (@SoddyKarate) January 26, 2013

wait wait… brady hoke seriously cried when derrick green committed to michigan? that’s when you know your coach isnt very good at his job
— Mike Tilenni (@miketilenni) January 26, 2013

Derrick Green just doesn’t want to play with the best in the SEC
— Will Card (@WillCard57) January 26, 2013

Derrick Green your a bastard!
— Logan Smelcer (@LoganSmelcer) January 26, 2013

@boomian I doubt that. Besides, it speaks to his mental ability when his other two choices were Tennessee and Auburn.
— Martin Presley (@presleym54) January 26, 2013

Why is Michigan fuckin around with Derrick Green? Bitch I’m right here….
— Jœy Zakrajšek (@_Sacred_Scar) January 26, 2013

For the record, to he’ll with Derrick green. You can’t claim to be an Ohio State fan and then end up going to UM. It’s honestly fucking dumb
— eric white (@Eric66white) January 26, 2013

Michigan can go to hell along with Derrick green
— Joey Smith (@HiImJoeySmith) January 26, 2013

Derrick green picked michigan..dumbass
— Preston (@prestonburnett2) January 26, 2013

Welcome to the suck Derrick Green.Urban found you unworthy.
— Ben Lincoln (@AtlBrutus) January 26, 2013

Michigan? Alright Derrick Green, enjoy losing every year to Urban Meyer #bradyhoax
— B. Erwin (@IcedB) January 26, 2013

I swear Derrick green saved Michigan’s class…. Morris is ass
— Christian (@Time2Strive) January 27, 2013

What a terrible move by Derrick Green committing to sorry ass Michigan lol.. Big Ten football is weakkkkkk
— Joey Parkhurst (@JoeyParkhurst) January 26, 2013

Guess Derrick Green knows football. Stay the hell outta that #SEC defense, could be hard on a soft ass back. #big10 #fakefootball
— Jeff Jones (@jeffpenny17) January 26, 2013

Why would Derrick Green go to Michigan just to get his ass whooped for 4 years by Ohio State? #GoBuckeyes
— Brian Riggs (@B_Riggs88) January 26, 2013

Derrick Green look up film of @nspence94 and @ryanshazier10 there gonna be leading the D that knocks your ass out for 3 year’s #goldpants
— Mitch (@masirovitsm) January 27, 2013

RB Derrick Green chooses Michigan over Auburn & Tennessee. Have fun having the #Buckeyes stomp that ass in 2013.
— Joey Brewer (@_joeyBrewer) January 26, 2013

@brookyln_boii27 playing for a guy who cries? Reeks of desperation.
— buckeye stater (@buckeyestater) January 27, 2013

@brookyln_boii27 yeah your the highest ranked pussy to be scared of the SEC
— Daniel Wolfe(@Timberwolfe15) January 27, 2013

@brookyln_boii27 I don’t blame u 4 picking the SOFT 10 where the fastest guys run 5.5 sec 40s. I would be scared of the SEC too if I were u.
— Butch Young (@byoungYDS) January 26, 2013

@brookyln_boii27 Sorry, but I had to unfollow you since you lied.You said you were going to shock the world, and you did not.Michigan??
— Tom Allman (@tlallman) January 26, 2013

@brookyln_boii27 you suck
— John Teague (@jteaguey) January 27, 2013

@brookyln_boii27 bwahaha good luck with that. still wish you good luck but who the fuck would rather play at Mich than the SEC? #SECdefense
— VolsAllDay (@dixiedeadhead) January 26, 2013

Hey @brookyln_boii27 have fun getting killed by Jadavion Clowny. #GBO
— Ⓢeth (@SethCampbell6) January 26, 2013


— HipHop_Hokie (@hiphop_hokie) January 27, 2013

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3 thoughts on “Woe is the world: A collection of Derrick Green hate tweets

  1. Gotta love the tweets that ask why he would choose michigan over the sec. Last time i checked you play for a school not a conference.

  2. Lmao at all these Ohio clowns. Be afraid because the Maize and Blue are coming back with a vengeance! And, without having to shell out cars, cash, girls, and tatts. We do it all legit in AA! GO BLUE! P.s. I cannot wait to watch Green run all over them sorry ass Bucks!

  3. haha salty salty fans, its ok because the Vols and Auburn have been really good latly right??? haha enjoy 4 wins combined between ur two sorry programs

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