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JJ McGrath (Lutheran North HS, MI), a 2013 kicker target for the Wolverines has just completed a visit with head coach Brady Hoke and special teams coordinator Dan Ferrigno.

McGrath took some time with to discuss his visit and where the Wolverines currently stand in his recruitment process.

JH: The obvious first question is how did the visit go today?

McGrath: The visit went really well. I managed to meet with with all of the coaches I haven’t been able to meet yet. I also met Fitz (Fitzgerald Toussaint), Cam Gordon and Countess. During my visit I saw the field, academic advisory for my potential major, the dormitories and the football facilities. I loved it all with one exception, they don’t have a cold tub (laughs).

JH: I know the coaches offered you a preferred walk-on spot on the roster. Is there legitimate interest in offering you a scholarship?

McGrath: I spoke to Ferrigno and Hoke and they want me to earn it IF (emphatic if) I am going to be apart of the team. It won’t be long after I come in that I will earn it, though. Once Gibbons’ eligibility expires, I hope to receive a full scholarship.

JH: Now that you’ve finished your visit, where does Michigan currently stand and when will you be announcing your choice?

McGrath: I’d say Michigan is definitely top three, including LSU and Southern Miss. I will be announcing my college choice this Friday.

It appears to me that McGrath had a positive visit. Anytime you can snag a talented kicker, especially one in state, you don’t hesitate to do so. With the 2013 recruiting year coming to an end in mere weeks, we shall see what McGrath likes to do. To me, it appears Michigan is in a good spot. But only time will tell.

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