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The last game of your football career is a tidal wave of emotions. Everything you have ever known for the past four-five years suddenly comes to a screeching halt. It could end in elation or it could end in disappointment.

For the seniors of Team 133, they did what many thought wouldn’t be possible, they brought Michigan back into the national spotlight. Sure, these kids were aided with the hiring of Brady Hoke and his band of coordinators. But, they became more than a group of Rich Rod castoffs, they become Brady Hoke’s players. Students at the University of Michigan who could FINALLY, after many seasons, grasp the idea what it was like to truly wear the winged helmet.

Jordan Kovacs, Denard Robinson, Roy Roundtree, Patrick Omameh — to name a few. All seniors who have played their final snap of football at Michigan. These young men showed displayed triumph and courage in the face of adversity. Where most would give up on the team, the seniors pushed forward. They bought into a system and finally became a cohesive unit.

They were Michigan.

As the last of the Rich Rodriguez recruits prepare themselves for departure from the university, they were faced with unique challenges that most college players may never face. These kids were responsible for rebranding a program so entrenched in tradition that no matter happened, failure was likely. Though the experiment was indeed a failure. They would have to rebrand the program a second time. A mess that desperately needed to be fixed.

Team 132 set the tone with seniors like Molk, Van Bergen, Martin and so on. But the seniors we witnessed play their hearts out against South Carolina had the most to gain. Though 8-5 is nothing to write home about, the legacy left behind will be remembered fondly.

These Rich Rod guys turned into Brady Hoke guys and put the pieces back together with the leadership of Hoke and the rest of the deep supporting cast. These kids spent hours watching film, getting stronger, getting better, and picking this program up from the depths.

The strength of one can never equal the strength of many. That is what the seniors Team 133 proved this year and during their career as Michigan Wolverines. Their last chapter may have been written, but their story will remain in the annals of Michigan history.

To the seniors of Team 133, thank you and forever Go Blue.

Derek Devine
Institutional voice of Alma College during the day, Michigan fanatic at night. Taking TBHR to the next level one post at a time.