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Michigan received another commitment to the already stacked 2013 recruiting class in the form of 3* OL commit Dan Samuelson (Plymouth, Indiana) over the weekend. As Hoke successfully “snaked-oiled” him away from Nebraska. Samuelson is the sixth offensive lineman to commit to the class.

According to Rivals, Samuelson boasts a 315 lb bench with a 415 lb squat. He also has a sterling 3.6 GPA. Samuelson took some time out to chat with me regarding his commitment.
JH: You were committed to Nebraska at one point and also had an announcement date of January 14th (today). What happened during your visit Saturday that made you change your mind? Also, how does Michigan differ from Nebraska?
Samuelson: Originally I was planning on Nebraska coming to visit me Sunday night when I got home. But, by the time I had been there Friday and part of Saturday and after talking with my parents, I knew that I wanted to go to Michigan. I didn’t want to have the Nebraska coaches come all the way out here when I had already made a decision. I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose out on a spot.

JH: During your recruitment, did the coaches say how many more offensive lineman they were going to take in this class? I know OL target Cameron Hunt was visiting with you.
Samuelson: They were thinking about two. That was most depending on Taylor Lewan’s decision to stay or go, having some guys hurt and also David Dawson decommitting. They were looking between one or two. 

JH: Speaking of offensive lineman, the 2013 recruiting class is stacked with them, making you the sixth commitment. Some might turn away and look elsewhere to find a spot on the depth chart, what made you want to overlook that fact? Also, how do you expect this class to compete and gel as a unit?
Samuelson: It really never scared me being included with so many guys in this class. I know there’s a big hole coming up with only about six or seven guys on scholarship. I have met all of the guys that are committed and I get along with them. It was never a problem with all of these guys being committed. I like competition, it doesn’t scare me. I think we will become a very dominant group years down the road.

JH: A lot of recruits mention chemistry with coaches as a big reason for committing, who was your main recruiter and how do you feel about the current coaches at Michigan?
Samuelson: I had three big recruiters. It started with coach Funk a few years ago and then they kid of filled up so that recruitment kind of stopped. Then coach Hecklinski came through to my house. Originally I told him no thanks and I was staying with Nebraska. Then coach Borges and coach Hoke came by and recruited me. That’s when I decided to come up and see the campus.

JH: Talk about yourself as a player. What type of player is Michigan getting in Dan Samuelson?
Samuelson: I have to say that I’m a big run blocker. Our school probably ran the ball 95% of the time, I like to hit to people. I am definitely going to work hard in the weight room to get strong. I’d say I’m a pretty smart kid and I can learn things. Like I said, I love to compete and I can’t wait to get there.

JH: Finally, now that you’ve had a few days to let it sink in. In your opinion, what does it mean to be a Michigan Wolverine?
Samuelson: I would say it means a lot of things. Definitely carrying on a huge tradition and supporting a huge fanbase. I’ve had countless of new Twitter followers. It’s very obvious that Michigan football is a huge program. It’s definitely something that you have to treat with respect and I’ve very honored to say I am going to be a Wolverine.
Take what Samuelson said about the OL with a very small grain of sand. By the sounds of it, Samuelson could be the last offensive lineman taken this class. BUT if Michigan misses out on their key targets, it’s still a possibility they could fill a spot with an OL if they so choose.
Michigan has a dedicated young man in Samuelson, who fits right in to the Michigan high-character mold.

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