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Mike Weber has had a high school career anyone would dream of. His high school has one of the best football teams in the nation, many of their players are headed to Ann Arbor, and have a freak at quarterback named Jayru Campbell.

Two years, two state championships. Weber has only been in high school for two years and he’s already gotten two nice pieces of jewelry to show for it. Now, the icing on the cake is an offer to play runningback at the University of Michigan.

I spoke with Weber about his offer and more.

On his high school career so far, is this real life?!: “(laughs)It’s crazy because I came straight from little league to play high school football. I worked hard and just played football and had fun doing it. After that, good things happened. I didn’t think it would’ve happened this fast. I’m blessed, man.”

Thoughts on receiving Michigan offer: “Yeah, I didn’t expect it this soon because I haven’t heard from Michigan having interest in me and it just happened. I couldn’t be happier.”

There’s a long way to go, what’s next?: “I’m going to visit Michigan really soon, just not sure when. I will also be visiting Ohio State as well.”

On having teammates (Jourdan Lewis, David Dawson, Delano Hill, etc.) being in his ear, how does it effect his recruitment?: “(laughs)Ever since I got the offer they’ve been in my ear. But, if I end up deciding to go there, that will definitely be one of the reasons I go there. My brothers are there.”

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