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Graham Smith, a 2015 QB from Kenbridge, Virginia is listed as the #9 pro-style quarterback in the country (for 2015 draft class) by Rivals. He is also a member of the U18 USA team that will be participating in the International Bowl in a few weeks.

On top of all that, he is also VERY interested in Michigan and would love to hear from them. Though the coaching staff have not visited his school, he is hoping they will sometime in the future.

I spoke with Smith to get his thoughts on the recruiting process and Michigan as a whole:

On Michigan and his interest: “Firstly, I’m a rising jr and to be clear, I have not received any offers yet. So, no ‘commitments’. As far as interest goes, I am definitely interested in Michigan as a program and a university. I have not been to camp there yet, but would love to visit and meet the coaches. Recruiting and choosing a program is about two things: Does the prospect fit into the scheme the coaches run? and how well does the prospect get along with coaching staff and players? The prospect has to be a D1 talent– that goes without saying. These are the type of evaluations that can only be done through an on-campus visit. So I hope I get the chance to visit Ann Arbor.”

– On being the quarterback for Team USA: Team USA means a lot to me. Rarely does an athlete have the opportunity to represent his country, especially in football. So when I was selected, I jumped at it.  It is an incredible feeling to wear that red, white and blue uniform with the American flag and USA across your chest. I could go on and on. You’re talking with an Eagle Scout here. I love this country and this sport–put the two together– it’s just a true honor. I would also like to add what an incredible job that the USA Football organization is doing implementing safety programs and educational classes for our youth and high schoolers involved in the sport.  They stress fundamentals in an effort to minimize head and spinal cord injuries– it’s just an overall great organization.”

– On what type of player Michigan would be getting if offered: I probably possess a lot of the same qualities many D1 QB’s have: Intelligence, stature, strong arm, and speed. But the area where I think I am unique is my relentless pursuit of perfection. I am extremely hard working and love being a student of the game. The devil is the details but it is in the details where a team can find its advantage.

If the Michigan coaching staff were reading this, what would you say to them?: I would tell them to recruit me! Be the first Big 10 team in the mix. I believe in establishing relationships and getting to know the staff and the program as best as I can before making that huge decision. Plus, I want them to learn as much about me as possible. I think the more they get to know me the more they will trust their decision to recruit me. Simply put, I want to win and be a part of a winning program. I think Michigan has established over the past century that it is a winning program.”

As you can see, Graham is a high character kid who could thrive at the University of Michigan. I’ll be keeping in touch with Graham throughout his recruiting process.

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