Catching up with Nic Weishar

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Nic Weishar, a ’14 4* TE, has seen a plethora of offers (13) come his way ranging from Notre Dame to Ohio State. With Michigan also including their name into the mix, it is going to a hard fought battle to get him on board, as he will be quite popular with other schools as they catch on to him. 

With his skill set at the position, he could become a solid player in the Michigan offense. I spoke with him to see where he is at with his recruiting. 

On recruiting, top schools, cutting down lists, etc.: “I’m still open to everybody right now. I’m continuing to stay in touch with all of the schools that have offered. Right now I do not have any visit dates scheduled so I am trying to figure those all out still.”

– On potential timeline for commitment: That’s another thing I’m unsure about. I’m just going to decide when I feel I’m ready. When I’ve learned all I need to know and have built that great relationship with the coaches and feel comfortable with everything is when ill make the decision.”

– On receiving Michigan offer: It was pretty awesome and humbling. For a school with such great tradition and history to be interested in me is pretty remarkable.”

– How he fits with Michigan: “I think I’d fit very nicely into their scheme. The coaches have showed me film of how they used to use their TE at San Diego State and I saw myself being able to do those things as well.”

– What he is looking for in a school: First and foremost is the education. My dream is to play in the NFL but if that doesn’t work out I’d love to have a meaningful degree from a great school. The kind of kids the school recruits is huge for me as well. I want to know that the kids they are recruiting are good kids and are the kind of guys I want to be in the locker room with. I also want to build good relationships with the staff.”

– On contact with coaching staff: I know a couple of the coaches have been in and out of school these past couple weeks but I haven’t been able to talk to them. I met the whole staff when I visited last summer. The next time ill meet with them is when I take another visit I guess.”

As always, I will continue to monitor Weishar’s recruitment and will let you all know if there are any further updates.

Derek Devine
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