Brief Update: Travis Smith

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Travis Smith is an in-state (Ithaca, MI) QB in the ’14 class. As far as where Michigan is leaning in terms of a QB being offered, Smith gave me a bunch of solid information when I spoke with him.

On his recruitment: “It’s going great. A lot of schools have contacted me in the past week.”

On schools that stick out: “I like Michigan, Michigan State and Nebraska. I also got a letter from Alabama today.”

How serious is Michigan in regards to an offer: “I know they have narrowed it down to three QB’s including myself. Coach Borges was at my school last week and is coming back to watch me throw. So, I’m thinking that will be the deciding factor.”

On what gives him the edge over the other two potential QB’s: “Well, I’m not an expert (laughs). But I think my athletic ability in being able to extend plays with my feet and at the same time being a pocket passer.”

On how a Michigan offer effects his recruitment and a possible commitment: “It would effect by recruitment big time and a commitment would be a definite possibility.”

– I asked him if he had a timeline for a commitment and would a Michigan offer bump up his timeline. Smith said, “If Michigan were to offer, it would be really tough not to commit on the spot. But, it’s a big decision so I would like some time to talk to my family about it.”

– I also asked him IF Michigan were to offer him, would that make them the team to beat. He responded simply by saying, “yes.”

On what he is looking for in a school: “A school with great tradition and great academics. So, when I graduate, I will have a solid foundation to start my career whether it’s football or not.”

With what Smith provided, I will be paying extra attention to him and how he performs for Borges next month in his throwing session. It only makes sense that Smith could be a VERY legitimate option for the 2014 class IF offered.

Only time will tell ultimately where Michigan decides to hand out their QB offer to.

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