Brief Update: Parrker Westphal

Parrker Westphal is a 2014 4* DB prospect from Illinois that is high on Michigan’s list. The consensus says that Westphal has a definite possibility of obtaining that fifth star– and I can’t see why that won’t be a definite thing.

I spoke with Westphal to get an update on his recruitment and where Michigan currently stands.

On his recruitment: He says everything is going good. Also, a lot of coaches have been stopping by to see him lately.
On Michigan: I don’t have a leader yet. But Michigan has been the standard of which I compare schools. They have a strong academic program, I believe they’re ranked 12th academically in the nation. They’ve got good coaching experience as well. Coach Hoke was a coach there when my current DB coach Todd Howard attended Michigan. The atmosphere on gameday is amazing and they’ve got a great fan base. The facilities and study tables are great. They’ve got a nice weight room, indoor practice field, and the access to tutors or just a place to study alone is nice.
– I asked if there were any schools that had gotten close to the “Michigan standard” and he said that there were some that were close. I then went further and jokingly said that no school has exceeded this standard and that’s a positive for Michigan. Westphal agreed but said all schools are still fairly even.
On whether or not DB coach Todd Howard has been in his ear about a commitment: “He hasn’t said anything about committing, just that it would be nice to see his protege in maize and blue.”
On his timeline for commitment: Westphal responded, “sooner rather than later (laughs)”.
– He wouldn’t give any top schools, continuing to say that all schools were even. He also plans to visit Michigan again in the next month or so.

With all that being said, I can come away confident that Michigan has an excellent chance to land Westphal in the 2014 class. There is overwhelming evidence that weighs heavily in Michigan’s corner; Todd Howard, the Michigan standard of visits, and the way he spoke glowingly about the campus.

I will catch up with Westphal after his visit and see where he is at in his recruitment.

Derek Devine
Institutional voice of Alma College who is taking TBHR to a different level in his free time he never receives.

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