Brief Update: Ian Bunting

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I spoke with 2014 TE target Ian Bunting today to see where is at with his recruitment. He is high on Michigan and an offer is expected to come.

Here is what he had to say:

– I asked about his recuitment process and how it is going, he said: “Thing are picking up for me in the process and so far I have three offeres. Purdue, Vanderbilt and Illinois. I am going to visit as many schools as I can in the next few months.”

– I asked about how Michigan planned on using him in the offense, as he is a very athletic TE. I brought up the comparison to Devin Funchess, he said: “Yeah, that’s kind of the role I’d like to play on whatever team I end up on. Like him, I’ll be a receiving tight end and I think we could fit and play together well.”

– I asked about his thoughts on Michigan, he gave me the following: “I like Michigan a lot. I visited for their game against Northwestern this season and I liked it a lot.”
– On whether an offer is coming soon: “I hope it does come, but that’s obviously up to the Michigan coaching staff. All I can do is keep getting better and stronger.”
– I asked him about how a Michigan offer would impact his recruitment, he said: “That would definitely make a huge impact on my recruitment. It’s one of the schools that’s highest up on my interest list and it would be a school I would definitely highly consider going to.”
– I asked about his timeline in terms of a commitment, Bunting said: “I’m not exactly sure when I’m going to do that (commit to a school). I’m thinking about may committing before senior season.”
I asked about his top schools, he said: “I think it’s too early for me to start cutting down the list. I’ll probably start doing that in a few months.”

    Having someone like Bunting commit to the 2014 class would be huge. Especially considering the amount of talent we have secured right now at the tight end position. As always, I will be keeping in touch with Bunting as the recruiting process goes on. If and when the offer comes for him, I’ll be doing a full in-depth interview with him.
    Derek Devine
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