Brief Update: Gelen Robinson

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Gelen, featured left, is the brother
of current Michigan basketball player “GRIII”

Everyone is familiar with the last name Robinson when it comes to Michigan athletics. Especially those who happen to be named “GRIII”. It’s possible that Michigan is looking to dive even deeper into the Robinson gene pool with this recruit.

Gelen Robinson, a ’14 DE recruit is the younger brother of Glenn Robinson III. A freshman standout on the basketball team. The bloodline in this family is strong. The coaches have been keeping in touch with Robinson and I caught up with him to see where he is at with his recruiting process.

  • When asked about his recruitment process, he said: “Things are going pretty good right now,  I’ve had a couple coaches come through the school. It’s been difficult lately to be able to get down to different schools because of wrestling. I still think it’s going pretty well.”
  • Robinson’s thoughts on Michigan: “They’re a great school, obviously. They have a great academic program. They’re doing really well right now with all of their athletics and I know they will continue to stay on top.”
  • The status of a Michigan offer: “Hopefully it happens. I haven’t talked to any of the coaches recently but they’ve told me to keep on improving. They’ll let me know as my season goes on and throughout my recruitment process to see if they will offer.”
  • How having his brother playing for Michigan currently helps his views on Michigan and where they stand with him: “It’s great to know I’ll have someone there at Michigan, it’s nice to know that he’s there. In regards to my decision, I will have to pick somewhere that fits me. By what he tells me and by what I have seen so far it’s a great school. Him personally, it wouldn’t really effect my decision much because he’s obviously in a different sport.”
  • His timeline for a commitment to a school: “I really don’t have a specific date that I want to be committed to a school by. I just think when the time is right I’ll be able to figure that out.”

As always, I will be keeping in touch with Gelen throughout the recruiting process and will have a more in-depth interview with him when he finally gets a Michigan offer.

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