Brief Update: Brennan Bosch

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No, your eyes didn’t deceive you. TBHR is NOT turning into a Tigers blog. This Bosch (not Boesch) already has ties to the University of Michigan. Kyle Bosch (2013 commit) has a little brother that is pretty good at football, too.

Brennan Bosch is getting looks from a few schools– quite a few for a 2015 kid. Michigan is included in that list. I spoke with Bosch to get an update on his (EARLY) recruitment process.

On his recruitment process: “Everything’s going very well and I’m getting a steady flow of mail at my house and school. I’m looking forward to some one-day camps this summer.”
On who he is hearing from the most: “Illinois is my biggest right now. Florida State, Northwestern, Oregon and Penn State are right behind Illinois.”
On Michigan and playing with his brother: “I’m very impressed with the Michigan program and the coaching staff. It would be cool to play with my brother someday.”
On whether playing alongside his brother will be a huge factor: “Through my brothers recruitment, I learned that you have to find the best fit. I’m still early in the process and want to make sure I find the best fit for me.”
– Brennan is being recruited on both sides of the ball but he wants to play as a center at the next level.
– He also plans on visiting for the spring game and the coaching staff have invited him to go to the one-day summer camp that is coming up.

I try not to get too hyped up on 2015 kids right now, as they have a very long way to go in terms of football being played.

I’ll make sure to stay in touch with Brennan and get his thoughts after the spring game is over to see where he is at.

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