Brady Hoke is fat jokes, because pointing out the obvious is original

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Who knew Twitter had so many comedians? I sure didn’t. When I took a quick browse through the Twitter search of “Brady Hoke,” I was astounded at what I found. Not because I was blown away by the sheer cleverness of these tweets, but by the blatantly stupidity and unoriginality people can show sometimes.

The venom is cast in the form of “Brady Hoke is fat” tweets. Alright, you guys, we get it. Brady Hoke is overweight. We also get it that he beat Ohio State in his first year as head coach– as did Urban Meyer when he beat Michigan. But, the poor attempt at humor is laughable. Also, it’s cute at the same time.

If the only ammunition everyone has on Michigan’s head coach is that he is fat, Michigan is sitting pretty. There’s really not much else to say except..


Brady Hoke, even Pro Bowl coaches wear headsets. You can’t coach, you’re fat and nobody loves you. #twinkies
— Stosh Antolak (@osustosh) January 28, 2013

brady hoke is piggly bitch who crys over a recruit i hope he chokes on a ham
— Hoss Rosking (@RossHosking) January 27, 2013

@derekdooley I appreciate the fact you arent as cheesy as that fat fuck pig Brady Hoke crying over Green’s committment what a joke
— Hoss Rosking (@RossHosking) January 27, 2013

@terryfoster971 Brady Hoke cries when there’s a discount buffet at the Golden Corral…so it wouldn’t surprise me.
— Jesseriah (@Jesseriah3) January 28, 2013

lol so #bradyhoke started crying when Derrick Green commited.. i bet he was really crying cuz he dropped his cupcake in excitement
— Andy (@UrbanLeonard) January 27, 2013

It wasn’t tears. It was meat sweats. RT @yahoodrsaturday Brady Hoke was so happy top running back recruit picked Michigan, he started crying
— Nick Nieset (@NickieNie) January 27, 2013

Brady Hoke was crying because the McRib is gone. Any other explanation is suspicious.
— Joshua Bethel (@joshuadbethel) January 27, 2013

Wait…Brady Hoke cried over Derrick Green? Haha what a piece of shit. Try actually coaching, chubs. You still stink,bro.
— Joe Tammaro (@Joe_Tammaro) January 27, 2013

@scottimac11 Lookout Hometown Buffet.Brady Hoke is in celebration mode
— EVeronica (@Everoni) January 26, 2013

Are we sure that Derrick Green wasn’t just taking the last slice of Dominos and that is why Brady Hoke was crying?
— Brett (@BLeez17) January 26, 2013

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