BASKETBALL PREVIEW: Nebraska at Michigan 01/09/13

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Head coach John Beilein must not allow
the team to overlook Nebraska.

Game:  Nebraska (9-6, 0-2) at Michigan (15-0, 2-0) Wednesday 1/9, BTN, 7 PM ET

Vegas: Michigan -24

Opponent Analysis: Nebraska is currently ranked #73 in the RPI. Out of 347 teams in D1 ball, they rank 320th in scoring. Their gameplan is to slow the tempo down. Or maybe they are just not good at scoring. In 2 Big Ten games, they have scored a total of 85 points, on 33.3% shooting. For both games. (Meanwhile, Michigan has scored more than 85 in EACH of its past 4 games) Nebraska is led by a pair of seniors in Dylan Talley and Brandon Ubel, who combine for 26.0 points and 12.1 rebounds per game. Nebraska shouldn’t be taken completely lightly as they are a Top 75 RPI team, they have posted double digit wins over Wake Forest and USC, however neither of those teams are Top 150 RPI. With that being said….

Here are my three keys to the game:

1) Don’t forget that there is a game tonight – Nebraska’s best chance to win is by forfeiture, but since this game is televised and Michigan has a competent coaching staff led by John Beilein, Michigan will most likely show up for the game. You heard it here first.

Look for GRIII, pictured left, to put up another 20 point game.

2) Stay out of foul trouble – Shouldn’t be a problem, but if Michigan is to somehow lose this game, it will be because players like McClimans, Akunne, Vogrich, and Bartelstein will have to see extended minutes. Those guys could get extended minutes, but it would be due to Michigan being up big in garbage time.

3) Focus – Michigan is 15-0, and clicking on all cylinders. A monstrous match-up awaits Sunday in Columbus. But tonight, Michigan can only win the game being played tonight. One game at a time, amirite???

Prediction: Nebraska will not be able to stop the well-oiled machine that is the Michigan offense. Michigan will control the tempo, grab an early lead, and never look back. Glenn Robinson III has been unleashed recently, and I look for him to put up another 19-22 point game. Trey Burke will put up silly numbers. Michigan wins by LOL points. Fine, I’ll use real numbers. Michigan 91 Nebraska 59

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