TBHR Michigan Fantasy Football Draft!

We at The Big House Report decided to do something a little “off the beaten path”, so to speak. A few of our contributors participated in a fantasy football draft with all Michigan players! I pooled together what I felt represented the best players in their respective positions (offensive only except choosing one IDP and throwback defense).

We then chose our players one at a time — draft order done at random — to come to our final results. The pool of participants and players are as follows:
-       Josh (Picks Second)
-       Lance (Picks Third)
-       Mark (Picks Fifth)
-       Pete (Picks Sixth)
-       Ken (Picks First)
-       Kasidee (Picks Fourth)
Quarterback (Choose ONE):
-       Drew Henson
-       Chad Henne
-       John Navarre
-       Elvis Grbac
-       Tom Brady
-       Todd Collins
-       Brian Griese
-       Jim Harbaugh
Running Back (Choose TWO):
-       Chris Perry
-       Anthony Thomas
-       Tim Biakabutuka
-       Mike Hart
-       Jamie Morris
-       Ricky Powers
-       Tyrone Wheatley
-       Butch Woolfolk
-       Rob Lytle
-       Tom Harmon
-       Willie Heston
-       Gordon Bell
-       Billy Taylor
-       Lawrence Ricks
Wide Receiver (Choose TWO):
-       Anthony Carter
-       Braylon Edwards
-       Amani Toomer
-       David Terrell
-       Mario Manningham
-       Tai Streets
-       Desmond Howard
-       Mercury Hayes
-       Jason Avant
-       Roy Roundtree
-       Bennie Oosterbaan
-       Derrick Alexander
-       Marquise Walker
-       Jim Smith
Tight End (Choose ONE):
-       Ron Kramer
-       Jim Mandich
-       Jerame Tuman
-       Bennie Jopru
-       Tim Massaquoi
-       Derrick Walker
-       Jack Clancy
-       Jay Riemersma
Individual Defensive Player (Choose ONE):
-       Charles Woodson
-       LaMarr Woodley
-       Marlin Jackson
-       Ernest Shazor
-       Alvin Wistert
-       James Hall
-       Larry Foote
-       Jarrett Irons
Kicker (Choose ONE):
-       Garrett Rivas
-       Remy Hamilton
-       Jay Feely
-       Ali-Haji Sheikh
-       Mike Gillette
-       Bob Bergeron
-       Hayden Epstein
-       Mike Lantry
Defense (Choose ONE):
-       1997
-       2006  
-       1947
-       1901
-       2013
-       1971 
Here are the finished products as far as teams go:
Tom Brady 
Anthony Thomas 
Mike Hart
 Anthony Carter 
Desmond Howard 
Jerame Tuman
 Charles Woodson
  Jay Feely 
1997 defense

Brian Griese
Chris Perry
Tim Biakabutuka
Braylon Edwards
Bennie Oosterbaan
Ron Kramer
Ernest Shazor
Garrett Rivas
1901 defense 
Jim Harbaugh
Tyrone Wheatley
Tom Harmon
Mario Manningham
Mercury Hayes
Jay Riemersma
Jarrett Irons
Remy Hamilton
2013 defense

Chad Henne
Jamie Morris
Butch Woolfolk
David Terrell
Marquise Walker
Tim Massaquoi
Marlin Jackon
Mike Gillette
1947 defense

Elvis Grbac
Ricky Powers 
Billy Taylor
Amani Toomer
Derrick Alexander
Jim Mandich
LaMarr Woodley
Hayden Epstein
 2006 defense

John Navarre
Rob Lytle 
Willie Heston
Jason Avant
Tai Streets
Bennie Joppru
Bob Bergeron
Larry Foote
 1971 defense

You’ve looked at the teams and see where they rank. In your, opinion, who
wins? Leave a comment below or come and find us on Twitter! @TBHReport

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