We Did Not Beat Ohio

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In the fickle world of college football, Michigan fans have to deal with a loss to the Buckeyes, and the prospect of rooting for USC, on the very same day.  Firstly, let’s get this out of the way:  congratulations to the Buckeyes for their win and perfect season.  Secondly, stop trying to spin this Michigan loss by saying things like, “Well, we only lost to Alabama, Notre Dame, and Ohio State, who are a combined 33-1, and then Nebraska….”  Stop.   No B1G title and no Rose Bowl, which are the benchmarks that Brady Hoke set when he took this job.  To the people relishing that Ohio can’t go to a bowl game this year:  does that make you feel better?  Michigan still lost, and no amount of spin changes that. Yes, the sun will rise tomorrow, it still does not negate the fact that for the next 365 days, they have the bragging rights, no matter if they’re not playing another game this year. Own it.  Move on.  Prepare for next year.

I thought the Wolverines would finish 10-2 this year, losing only to Alabama, and Ohio.  To have Team 133 go 8-4 is a bit disappointing, especially with the unexpected success last year.  Any loss is bad, but to lose to Ohio really puts a damper on the season.
There were no missed calls or injustices for future weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.  The Buckeyes stopped Michigan in the second half, and only due to the defense did the game remain as close as it did.  One of the things that puzzled me was the quarterback rotation.  Denard has not thrown a pass since 2009, and all Ohio had to do was stop the option when he took the snap.  The main draw of Robinson (so I’m told) is his ability to improvise when a passing play breaks down, but when the passing component of a passing play is removed, there’s really nothing to stopping him, as we saw today.  
Looking ahead to 2013:  both teams have very favorable schedules and relatively easy out-of-conference games, with Notre Dame being the one question mark for Michigan, and I guess, San Diego State for the Buckeyes.
Both teams have an excellent chance of going undefeated until the final weekend next year, only to be passed over by a one-loss S.E.C. team, much like Michigan did in 2006, when a certain coach said there should never be rematches….
Again, congratulations to the Buckeyes.  Hopefully, the Trojans won’t break tonight.
Where’s the Tylenol?
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