Monday Monologue 11.19.12

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Well, it’s time for the Monday Monologue. How do I know it’s that time? Because the student section finally hit capacity at the Big House.

MSU fans and Big Ten media thought this might be the year they finally make the BCS. After starting out with a win over Boise State and creating t-shirts, MSU players decided to criticize Denard Robinson on Twitter. Since that game, they have gone 4-6, and find themselves in a “win or don’t go bowling” game against Minnesota. While Brent Musberger declared the 2010 National Championship to be “for all the Tostitos”, MSU is playing Saturday to play for all the $5 pizzas.

I was going to put a bunch of Ohio State jokes, but instead I will link you to two great pages full of them. Here is one from MGoBlog and one from the first page of a google search. The 2 links are pretty much all encompassing.
Michigan football was featured on 60 Minutes last night. After complaints of unfairness and inbalance by OSU fans, their school was featured on COPS tonight.
Today, it was announced that Maryland would join the Big Ten. Yes, the same Maryland that occasionally trots onto the field looking like this. Maryland will join the Leaders Division. Because nothing says “leaders” like a school that is 1-35-1 all time against fellow division team Penn State.
I was kind of indifferent about the Mayans predicting the world would end on December 21, 2012. However, as the possibility of Notre Dame in the national championship looms large, I’m kind of pulling for the Mayans now.

Ohio State fans are still grossly offended by Michigan fans and Brady Hoke referring to their team as “Ohio”, despite their well known band formation, stadium name, stupid hand motions, and t-shirts. They have decided to respond by calling Michigan “that school up north” or “TSUN”. The number of Michigan fans offended by this is the same number of bowl games “Ohio” will play in this season.

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