Where’s the Threat?

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Coach Mark Dantonio is not one to mince words, and I respect him for that. However, this past off-season, he had some rather typical Spartan comments about “that other school” that made me laugh and encapsulated what fans and alumni of that other school already knew:  the inferiority complex in East Lansing is there to stay, just like the School of Packaging.   The Angry One posited the question, “Where’s the threat?” when he spoke of Michigan Football, and in doing so, he simultaneously brought joy to both Michigan and Michigan State.  How did Coach Dantonio do that?  He implied that even though 95% of the WR production left, and a three-year starting quarterback no longer is under center, Sparty will be just fine.  Ladies and gentlemen, if Michigan State’s two losses this year have not opened your eyes to a deeply-flawed team, I do not know what else will.
Le’Veon Bell is 70% of Michigan State’s total offense. The two good teams they faced realized this fact and promptly shut him down.  Notre Dame and Ohio dared Andrew Maxwell to beat them, and we all know what happened.  Coach, I have one question to ask you:  Where’s the threat?  If your quarterback, whom you have complete confidence in, cannot make plays when your biggest offensive weapon is being shut down, why are other teams supposed to be worried? 
Kirk Cousins graduated, Coach.  He is busy preparing to be a career back-up quarterback in the National Football League.  Cunningham and Martin are no longer in the arsenal.  Instead, Sparty has wide receivers that look like they have absolutely no concept of how to catch a football.  Is it growing pains? This spring, Dantonio said that Michigan State was still the team to beat.  How could he be so wrong about the level, or lack of, talent, on his own football team? 
That vaunted Michigan State defense, Coach?  Gholston, Coach?  He looks quite average against teams not named Boise State, or have a direction in their title.  Time after time on Saturday, I watched a severely overrated Ohio team that is learning a new offensive system run over the most awe-inspiring aspect of Michigan State.  And when the Spartans NEEDED to make a play, to get the ball back and have a shot to win the game, Coach, what happened? 
                The B1G was Michigan State’s to win this year, Coach.  Every Spartan fan told us so.  Why did they think that?  You brought back the glory to East Lansing, Coach.  Nothing says that a program has arrived more than one bowl win since 2001.  I know Sparty won the Michigan State Rose Bowl (thanks, Rollie) four straight years, Coach, but where’s the threat? Because this football team certainly does not represent one to any team that realizes that the way to beat you is to stop Bell and make Maxwell throw 40 times.  I know it was fun and cute to quote Muhammad Ali after the Outback Bowl win, but remember, a team is only as good as the last game it played, Coach, and what everyone who did not buy a green and white hat at Speedway knows is that your team is not very good.
                On a side-note, I was not surprised in the least to find out that Urban Meyer and Pete Rose are friends.  When I think of character, integrity, and respect for the games they love, I think of both Urban Meyer and Pete Rose.  How’s the family, Urban?
Derek Devine
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