Where For Art ‘Thou, Fitz?

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One of the most hyped up players Michigan had returning to the squad was Fitzgerald Toussaint. Wolverines fans across the nation were buzzing that Michigan finally had their “guy”. A 1,000 yard rusher returning for another season, the first since Mike Hart.

An offseason arrest sent a shock wave through Wolverine nation, were they cursed? Hardly. Was Brady Hoke going to take extensive action and suspend Fitz for a significant amount of time? If the punishment was severe enough, better believe it. But, the punishment only turned out to be a one-game suspension.

We’re six games into the 2012 campaign and the biggest question remains: Where for art ‘thou, Fitz?

Coming into Illinois, Toussaint has compiled a mind-numbing 169 yards rushing with three touchdowns. Yes, you read that right. All of that in four-games-worth of work. Yikes.

Has Fitz completely lost his way as a runner? Is he a shell of his former 1,000 yard self? It’s highly doubtful. Toussaint is not solely to blame for his ineptitude as of late.

Fitz was known for his aggressive cuts and his abilities to find the holes and hit them for huge gains. This season is completely different, the north-south running is being replaced with the fancy east-west style of running. And guess what? It’s not working. Fitz is dancing out there like an awkward Freshman at prom. Which is an escape from his angry style of play we saw last year, a style in which fans miss.

As I said before, Fitz isn’t completely to blame, though. Losing Molk on the offensive line has hurt more than the coaching staff leads on. Replacing Molk with someone with equal abilities can’t be done in a single season, and replacing Molk with inexperience also doesn’t help. But, with that being said, the offensive line hasn’t done that bad of a job.

Denard Robinson is another factor in Fitz’s offensive struggles. We all know he’s a speedster and he will get his touches, but his touches have increased steadily throughout the season. During the Notre Dame game, Denard rushed the ball 26 times. Purdue wasn’t much different, rushing 24 times. Our quarterback rushed the ball 50 times in a span of two games. FIFTY. In comparison, Fitz touched the ball 30 times the past two games. We know where Borges’ trust lies.

To summarize, Fitz’s production is missing badly. Denard can’t do it all, as much as fans would like him to, we need production from out running backs. The real season is about to start, the Big Ten conference play, if Fitz wants to show up now is the time. Or Hoke won’t hesitate to replace him with Thomas Rawls.

Where for art ‘thou, Fitz? Michigan needs you.

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  1. “Or Hoke won’t hesitate to replace him with Thomas Rawls”.

    Josh, he has been “hesitant” to do that all year. I dont understand it. I really,really hope that media members pepper Coach on this. Fitz in NOT performing, period. He has been awful all year. ITs time to start looking at other options to “help”

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