The Block M: A Brand or Tradition?

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As the saying goes, the future is so bright, I gotta wear shades. But, in all reality, what is Michigan’s future? And what does the block M actually represent?

As the college football paradigm is ever-changing, so is the way Michigan football is viewed.

Ask yourself this question: What does the Block M truly represent? Does it represent the University of Michigan “brand”? Or does it represent the University (including the student body) as a whole? The answer to that question has been skewed for quite some time.

This isn’t a knock on Dave Brandon’s ability as an AD, I believe he’s done a fantastic job, but since when did everything regarding Michigan football become all about the money? The fact that we have to “sell” the M, an icon of tradition, is thoroughly disappointing. The flashy events, the gaudy uniforms, and selling out our prestigious football field for a NHL game are all meaningless if you can’t do one thing; win football games. The Michigan faithful come in droves each and every week to support our football teams, the revenue takes care of itself on any given Saturday. They come to see the product on the field, not to see the Michigan brand. The University of Michigan sells itself, there isn’t a need to force-feed the public with UM core values, people will notice on their own.

At the end of the day, the University of Michigan is just that, a university. A very highly regarded university for that matter. The education is top notch, quite like the football team that accompany’s it. Sure, Michigan has seen some down years as of late, but it doesn’t take away from 133 years of Michigan football tradition. The block M is sacred, it represents all Wolverines globally. Why ruin the sanctity of it by trying to earn a few extra zeros on the bottom line? Michigan sells itself.

Derek Devine
Institutional voice of Alma College during the day, Michigan fanatic at night. Taking TBHR to the next level one post at a time.