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Saturday night, the Faithful received a first-hand look at L.A.D., or “Life After Denard.”  Robinson left the game against Nebraska with an unspecified injury, which ESPN reported later to be a “nerve-related.”  As soon as it became evident that Robinson would not return, I changed channels back to the World Series (albeit worse than watching the Michigan game) because there was no earthly way that Russell Bellomy was going to win .  It is not his fault, and I believe that he suffered unjustly because of the fact that Michigan has relied too heavily on Denard these last three years.  Nebraska stopped what used to be Fitzgerald Toussaint and forced Bellomy to make plays with his arm.  Michigan’s offense came to a screeching halt, and Big Red won the contest and now enjoys the lead in whatever the name of the division is (since both names are stupid, I refuse to say them). 

For fans, one of which I am, it was disheartening to watch L.A.D..  Denard is gifted athlete, and by all accounts, a wonderful young man.  He will leave gigantic footprints on the Michigan program.  What happened after the game is what needs addressing.
Firstly, for those who clamored for Devin Gardner to play quarterback:  Bellomy is second on the depth-chart at QB this year.  There is a reason why Gardner did not play at quarterback:  Russell Bellomy beat him out for the position.  If Gardner is such an amazing talent, why is he wearing no. 12 and playing WR this year?  Do these people think they know more about scouting and analyzing talent than the coaching staff?  
Secondly, for the people who took their frustrations to Twitter and launched mortars toward Russell Bellomy: Are you serious?  Bellomy is a kid,  meaning that he’s appeared in four total games his entire career.  Did you expect him to come in and lead the Wolverines down the field like Brian Griese or Tom Brady did?  The coaching staff at Michigan, the same ones that led us out of the RichRod Wilderness last year, saw fit to give him a scholarship.  Do you think you know more than they do?  If so, why did David Brandon hire Brady Hoke and not you?  Some of the most vitriolic tweets I have ever seen did not come from demented Ohio fans, who, by sheer stupidity, managed to type out coherent messages, but instead, came from Michigan fans wishing ill upon a player ON THE TEAM THEY SUPPORT!
I mean every word I say to people on Twitter.  If I ever see Chris Rock in person, I will say the same thing I typed to him on Twitter.  These so-called “fans” of the Wolverines, who hide behind the internet, and wish ill upon a member of Team 133 need to do the following:  move out of their parents’ basements, and get laid.  Russell Bellomy is filling the shoes of one of the most dynamic and spectacular players in college football history.  He is not going to bark out signals like Elvis Grbac and throw to Desmond Howard.    
Lastly, for those who questioned Coach Brady Hoke and his staff:  Have you forgotten where we were? Have you forgotten this?
Last year, Coach Hoke  cleaned up the mess the West Virginian Nightmare left of this storied program and did something that had not been accomplished since 2000.  He deserves respect, and the benefit of the doubt, not second-guessing by people who “played a lot of football growing up.”  His staff took the rabble of Rich Rodriguez and turned it into eleven wins.  This year, Michigan  lost to the first and third-ranked teams in the country before last Saturday.  If you think you can sit in your chair, rely on things that Rivals.com posts about the players even before they set foot on the field, then send your resume to David Brandon.  If not, sit down, and shut up.  
Derek Devine
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4 thoughts on “Take a Powder

  1. Dumb article. The only thing I agree with is bashing a college young adult is out of control. As far as asking for Gardner to be in, I see nothing wrong. Whether they think Bellomy won it or not, DG had experience and is better fit for the modified spread we run. Him switching to 12 has nothing to do with positions as 12 is a common QB number. Refer to Tom Brady or Shane Morris, who must be excited to see he has an open competition to be a starter next year. This game and any other game goes back on our offensive coordinator/play calling. To me, Denard is not being used correctly, the rushing game is pathetic unless Denard gets loose, and not enough shots taken down field. Other than the 2 miscommunications that led to back to back wide open receptions I feel like our defense had kept us in or won every game this year, except for when we played Bamzilla. Keep the Brown Jug in AA and I’ll see you in the Brown Lot in a couple weeks. Hail and go blue!

    P.S. Is this the guy that got chosen over me to be a writer? Spell check and proofread my dude.

    1. Hey, anonymous, you raise me up. Brady wore #10 when he played. Next time you attempt to correct my grammar, do so with correct grammar. Otherwise, you sound a bit more moronic than you do already. But thanks for reading!

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