Spirit Week

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Alright fellow Wolverine fans… it’s Michigan State week. In other words, it’s the “spirit week” of the year. It’s seven days to demonstrate why you love the University of Michigan and why you will stand behind their football team through thick and thin. 
And for this reason I won’t mention our 67-32 overall record or our .668 winning pct. I won’t discuss my feelings about the MSU coaching staff’s inability to discipline players by letting the police take care of it for them or the lack of movement in their faces upon win or loss. I won’t even give you the link to Mike Hart’s famous quote about the rivalry…
Instead, I will give you a few words to give you all of the faith you will need going into Saturday’s game. Jake Ryan.  Devin Funchess. Thomas Rawls. Denard Robinson. 
Is that enough? Or should I throw out Desmond Morgan, Devin Gardner, Roy Roundtree and Fitz Toussiant as well? 
That being said, celebrate this rivalry week by holding your tongue, walking with your head high, and wearing Maize and Blue. Sing “The Victors” in the shower, boycott anything green, respond to any/all questions with “Go Blue!” and if you plan to be in Ann Arbor for the game- drink an extra 20oz of water per day. 
If you come in to any questionable moments throughout the week, just think to yourself, “What would a big brother do?” 
Derek Devine
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