Monday Monologue 10.08.12

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On Saturday, Michigan won a huge blowout over a supposedly much-improved Purdue team. Purdue was considered the hot pick to reach the Big Ten title game from the much-maligned “Leaders” (lol) Division. Much like showering, toothbrushing, and putting on clean clothes every day, beating Purdue is normal for Michigan, but unheard of for Ohio State.

Now, the 4 teams eligible to represent the conference from the “Leaders” division are a combined 1-6 in the Big 10. In an effort to make the Big Ten Championship game more competitive, commissioner Jim Delany is allowing UMass to represent the “Leaders” division instead of the actual “Leaders” teams.

Cardale Jones, backup to the backup QB at OSU, made headlines when he declared what many OSU student (lol) athletes must be thinking on his twitter account. Apparently fed up with the rigors of rarely attending class, coupled with the holding of the clipboard & fetching Braxton Miller’s gatorade, he tweeted “Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain’t come to play SCHOOL classes are POINTLESS,” (a tweet that was later deleted). Jones was later suspended from Saturday’s game, as he received a memo that said “You ain’t come here to play. -School” (H/T: @ryanreal)
There have been some pretty dumb predictions in the history of mankind, and one of the dumbest in recent history was Kirk Herbstreit jumping all over the Purdue bandwagon, saying they’ll win the Big Ten, right before Michigan trounced them.  Here are some possibilities for other Herbstreit predictions…
The Big Ten List: Other Kirk Herbstreit Predictions
12. Cardale Jones will indeed play SCHOOL (@CLEWolverine)
11. The Albert Pujols signing will propel the Angels to this year’s World Series (@TheRedOne93)
10. My buddy Lee Corso will join the FCC as the director of censorship, profanity division (@LanceGordon)
9. Lou Holtz will return to the coaching ranks and take over Penn State (@jakehutchison)
8. Tate Forcier will make the trip to NYC as a Heisman finalist this season (@ACMaverick83)
7. The Cleveland Browns will win football games this season. (@LanceGordon)
6. The Braves will rebound from their one-game playoff loss to win the World Series (@MGoMateo)
5. Penn State will unveil a new statue of Urban Meyer.
4. Cardale Jones will become the valedictorian at THE Ohio State University (@LanceGordon)
3. The Kardashians will win the Nobel Peace Prize (@78Grams)
2. John L. Smith will win coach of the year (@JChonko01)
1. Les Miles will become Michigan’s new coach (@JoshuaHenschke)
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