Hail to the Little Victors

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When thinking to myself how I wanted to make a difference around me, I realized that I didn’t have to look for very far. The answer was always right in front of me.

You see the commercials almost every day if you’re an avid TV watcher. During your local news, watching your local sports teams, or even if you’re just perusing the channels. This commercial will tug at your heart strings:

I’m referring to the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital commercials I see almost daily. To see anyone go through such trauma and life-challenging events at such a young age makes my heart hurt.

The children are our future, our only hope for survival, and also part of the greater wish that your children (and my future children) can grow up to do things that they have always dreamed of doing. When a child doesn’t get that chance or when quality of life dwindles due to various health conditions, it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

The University of Michigan Health Systems steps up and attempts to raise those standards and provide a normal future for our children. The doctors, nurses, physicians and various other men and women of their world class staff are crucial pieces to what makes the UM Health System one of the greatest in the world.

So that’s why I, the managing editor of The Big House Report, find it fitting to announce that from now onwards, fifty percent of all donated funds that TBHR sees will be headed straight to the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. It’s not much, but every little bit helps, and I want to make a difference.

You all have done so much to help The Big House Report (and myself) become what it is today. It’s time I finally give some of that back to help the children, our future, be able to see their dreams come true.

Donations to TBHR are graciously accepted via PayPal, here.

Go Blue forever and Hail to the Little Victors.

– Josh

Derek Devine
Institutional voice of Alma College during the day, Michigan fanatic at night. Taking TBHR to the next level one post at a time.

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  1. The child at the end of the commercial is the son of the captain of my bowling team. These kids can really tug at your heart strings. I applaud the fact that you are going to help out this cause. I’ll send you a donation of my own shortly.

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