Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

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If an Ohio team wins, even though their program is on probation, does anyone really care?  The Buckeyes are enjoying a season for the ages.  They’re 6-0 and ranked 8thin the AP Top 25, and as every mouth-breathing and knuckle-dragging fan will say, “Them Buckeyes is back!” What they neglect (that means to forget, Buckeye fan, if your mouth is moving as you read) to mention is that this season means absolutely nothing. 
This season, Ohio is paying for the sins of Jim Tressel. For eight years, Buckeye fans looked the other way and tried desperately to ignore the rumors swirling around their beloved program. When it became clear that Jim Tressel ran one of the dirtiest programs in the United States, Ohio fired him (but then modified it so that he could say he retired), and hired a one-year fix in Ray Finkle.  What everyone knew is that Finkle was only keeping the seat warm for the greatest father since Ozzie Nelson and Ward Cleaver, Urban Frank Meyer.  Meyer represented a step in the same, dirty direction as the new Pride of the University of Akron, since there was a, “culture of corrpution” in Columbus, but he had a recognizable name, and two BCS Championships to his credit.  Where Tressel wrote books about his relationship with God, Meyer will admit that football is why his players are there, even going as far as complaining about final exams getting in the way of football practice. Cardale Jones’ tweet about going to class encapsulates how Urban Meyer coaches.  They “ain’t come to play school classes are pointless.” I want to read this man’s entrance essay. 
Every snap, every Braxton Miller broken play, and every pointless class attended does not matter to Ohio, since nothing they do matters this season.  Because of their savior’s failures, because of the fact that they looked the other way while Tressel won and violated NCAA rules, this season, in which they will probably go 11-1, does not count.  They are ineligible for post-season play, and cannot win the B1G Title.  Even though they beat Little Brother, and even though they absolutely thrashed Nebraska, having just checked the standings, I do not see Ohio anywhere.  Buckeye fans have already begun weeping, wailing, and gnashing their tooth about how the NCAA took this season away from them. Do any of the fans mention the fact that their precious Buckeyes are in the situation because of their former hero?
Sure, this season will be great for recruiting purposes.  Urban Frank Meyer will go into Johnny All-American’s living room and tell his mama and papa about what a great man their boy will become if he attends Ohio. With such shining examples of character and integrity as Urban Frank Meyer, who still works for ESPN, despite any rumor we hear, Jim Tressel, who did not know about the Compliance Office right down the hall, and Woody Hayes, who was just trying to get the ball, every parent should feel safe sending their child to Ohio to play football, because, at Ohio, they ain’t come to play school.
Derek Devine
Institutional voice of Alma College during the day, Michigan fanatic at night. Taking TBHR to the next level one post at a time.