For The Game: Your Sparty Bingo Card

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Want to add a little flavor to your Michigan-MSU party? Spice things up with Sparty Bingo! If you make a bingo, yell “BURN THE COUCH!!!” at the top of your lungs, and you will be the Sparty Bingo champ. No false starts, and unlike with TJ Duckett in 2001, once the final whistle blows, the game is over.

Easy Catch Dropped by MSU Helmet to Helmet Hit by MSU Maxwell Lame Duck Pass 10 Yards From Any WR MSU Runs Play with Cute Kid’s Movie Name Dantonio Scowl
MSU Fan Attempting “He’s a Pu**y” Chant Dantonio Facial Vein Sighting Angry Look From MSU Fan after Michigan TD Any Reference to Mike Hart & “Little Brother” UM Player Holding Paul Bunyan Triumphantly
Dantonio Cussing Out Refs Fresh Anti-UM Tattoo on MSU Player FREE! (Just Like CL Rucker After DUI) Dantonio Cussing Out Michigan Player Dantonio Halftime Interview Condescension
Below the Belt Grab/Kick by MSU Player MSU Player Re-Entering Game After Concussion Obviously Drunk MSU Coed Reference To TJ Duckett TD 60:01 Into 2001 Game Facemask Twist by MSU
MSU Miserably Failed Trick Play Reference to anti-Denard Tweets by MSU Players Narduzzi Applause Following Dirty MSU Play Gholston Personal Foul Atrocious Half-Half UM-MSU Shirt in Crowd
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