Indiana, Our Indiana?

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We will fight for the cream and crimson
For the glory of old IU

Granted we’re only two weeks into the young 2012 campaign, but I just wanted to share with you a very special tidbit about our foes from the “other side”.

The leaders division, for lack of a better word, sucks. Yes, folks. We can stop talking about division names. I know they suck too. It is not very good. It’s essentially the ostracized annoying kid you knew in high school that you just wanted to go away, but it never quit got the hint.

You have an Ohio State team who, let’s face it, would run away with this division and finish with a pretty good record. You also have reigning Big Ten Champs Wisconsin, looking to add another conference championship to their trophy case. The Badgers were also aided by their free agent acquisition of super-senior QB Danny O’Brien. It seems to be a two horse race between Ohio State and Wisconsin to take this division, right?

To quote Lee Corso, “NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!” Ohio State can’t make any type of postseason this year, which includes a conference championship game. Penn State is facing a ban as well. That leaves Wisconsin, Purdue, Illinois, and Indiana to duke it out however they see fit. Oh boy.

To update the standings, Indiana currently sits on top of the Leaders division with a 2-0 record.


Let that sink in for a couple of seconds.. Okay, that’s enough.

Whomever wins the Legends division COULD (and I say that loosely) see someone by the likes of Indiana in the conference championship. That is absolutely crazy. With the way Wisconsin has played the first two games of the season, a dark horse could slide right in under their noses. Wisconsin is lucky to have won a game. Barely squeaking by Northern Iowa 26-21 and losing to Oregon State 10-7.

If they can’t beat the cupcakes, they’re going to have a heck of time being competitive within the division and conference. MMMMMMMMMM, baked goods.

For arguments sake,  a 5-8 team could essentially win the leader’s division. Which is sad. The Big Ten is more winnable now than it has ever been. So get while the gettin’ is good, Michigan or Michigan State. I don’t know about everyone else, I’d almost feel filthy winning the Big Ten under those circumstances this year. I want my team to beat the best the other division has to offer, not the default. But that’s another argument for another day.

Until then,

For the glory of old I. U.!

Derek Devine
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