Virtual Wolverines: Michigan vs. Alabama

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Football season is here! Well, sort of. It’s time to kick off another season of Virtual Wolverines! As you might recall last year, Virtual Wolverines started very late (during the Sugar Bowl). But, it will be brought back for a full season!

I am playing NCAA Football 13 on the PlayStation 3. All games are 15 minute SIMULATIONS (I DO NOT play) on Heisman difficulty.

As a side note, we have replaced Toussaint with Rawls on the depth chart with assumptions of Fitz not playing against Alabama.

It’s time to kick off the 2012 season against Alabama!

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September 1st, 2012
FG BAMA: J. Shelley, 25 YD FG
TD Mich: T. Rawls, 8 Yd run
End of First Quarter: 7-3 Mich
FG Mich: B. Gibbons, 28 Yd FG
TD Bama: J. Fowler, 6 Yd run
TD Bama: M. Williams, 29 Yd pass A. McCarron
Halftime: 17-10 Bama
TD Mich: D. Dileo, 20 Yd pass from D. Robinson
TD Mich: D. Robinson, 9 Yd run
FG Bama: J. Shelley, 38 Yd FG
End of Third Quarter: 24-20 Mich
FG Mich: B. Gibbons, 21 Yd FG
TD Mich: R. Roundtree, 50 Yd pass from D. Robinson
Final: 34-20 Mich
            Michigan              Alabama        
Total Offense:                                           452                        245
Passing:                                                     193                        135
Rushes/Yards/TD:                                 53-259-2               32-110-1 
Turnovers:                                                   2                            1
Penalties/Yards:                                       11-64                      10-99
So, there you have it. Michigan pulls off the HUGE upset to start the season on a major high note. Michigan wins 34-20. Stay tuned next week when the Virtual Wolverines face off against the Air Force Falcons!
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