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As you all are aware by now, Joshua, among other local Michigan writers, was recently featured in a special premier edition of Lindy’s Sports titled In the Huddle: Michigan 2012. Which features in-depth analysis of the team, interviews with the staff (including an exclusive interview with Brady Hoke), and much more.

“Be sure to pick up a copy of our newest edition, In The Huddle, which will feature an inside look at the 2012 Michigan Wolverines. Inside this 112-page edition, you will find extensive schedule analysis, position-by-position profiles, coaches and player features and a historical feature. A feature on the team’s recruiting class and other surprises will also be included. You can order online or pick one up at a newsstand near you! A great read for the die-hard Michigan fan.” -Excerpt taken from Lindy’s official website

My articles, titled “Meet the Wolverines” starts on page 14 and continues, albeit broken up into sections, until page 34.

In the Huddle can be purchased on newsstands at the following stores:

Horizon Books
Lowry’s Books
Rite Aid
If you’re not interested in going to stores to purchase, or live outside of Michigan, it is also available to be purchased online, here.
As always, thank you for the support. Now it’s time to give back and support Lindy’s!
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