Monday Monologue 08.13.12

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Over the weekend, the Cleveland Browns won a preseason game against the Detroit Lions. In related news, I keep getting a popup on my computer screen that says “Are you sure you want to use the words “Cleveland” and “won” in the same sentence?”. T-shirts commemorating the win are available at retailers across Ohio.

There’s been a lot of fuss lately about fans sending tweets and facebook mentions to recruits, in order to get the high school kids to commit to the fan’s favorite school. Remember the recruit who committed to a college because they had the most creepy 40 year olds tweeting him? Neither do I.

Michigan scouts were recently down in Alabama scoping out the scene and seeing what kind of information they could get before facing the Crimson Tide on September 1. They needed a safe place to hold their meetings and store their notes during their visit. It was determined that no Alabama fan would notice them if they held their meetings at the local dentist office.

The Big 10: World’s Shortest Notre Dame Books

12. “Dieting 101” by Charlie Weis (@DacGoBlue) 
11. “The Ty Willingham Years” (@HelloHeisman21)
10. “Relevance” (@jebbe1977)
9. “Closing Out Football Games (@jmatth313)
8. “Big Games We’ve Won: Post Lou Holtz Era (@LanceGordon)
7. “Red Zone Completions” (@jmatth313)
6. “Anger Management” by Brian Kelly (@SteveCKays)
5. “Keeping Tate Forcier’s Ego in Check” (@LanceGordon)
4. “Successful QBs Not Named Joe Montana” (@ryanmoesq)
3. “Unbiased College Football Analysis” by Lou Holtz (@SteveCKays)
2. “Respecting the Authorities” by Tommy Rees (@LanceGordon)
1. “How the Irish Slowed Down Denard” (@MattBrislin)

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