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The newest commit in the Wolverines 2013 recruiting class, two-star defensive back Channing Stribling (Matthews, North Carolina), impressed Michigan coaches at their recent clinic. Stribling did not waste any time getting on board with Team 134 after receiving the offer.

Stribling took some time to answer some questions.

TBHR: A lot can be said about your recruitment. Especially considering your commitment came under-the-radar, so to speak. When first going into the process, did you plan on committing to a school so soon if you found a great fit?

STRIBLING: Not really, my main plan was to get looks from most of the MAC Conference schools. Then I would weigh my options at each school.

TBHR: So getting a look from Michigan must’ve been pretty surprising? What was it about Michigan and their coaching staff that made you want to commit so soon?

STRIBLING: Yes it was. Mainly the family atmosphere. Like coach Hoke, Mattison, and Mallory all looked at me as I was one of their players. Coach Mattison even has a nickname for me, “Spider”, and said he was going to call me that the entire time I was at camp, even before the offer came (laughs). After coach Hoke offered, I went back and told coach Mattison and he gave me a big hug and told me how proud he was of me. So, it’s like I have four fathers as coaches.

TBHR: Let’s talk about your game. I know you do a little bit of everything on the football field, but since you were recruited for the defensive back position, describe your game. What kind of defensive back are you? What do you feel are your greatest areas of strength and areas for improvement?

STRIBLING: Well, for me I play 20% physical and 80% mentally. My mentality is to think as a receiver and take away things from the wide receiver that will give me an edge. My strengths are my quickness to the ball, knowing how to play the jump balls, and being able to catch every ball that touches my hands. I have a saying that when I drop a pick, I’m dropping money or a scholarship (laughs). My areas of improvement is just focusing on better tackling and getting bigger.

TBHR: You mentioned the fact about size. How do you answer your critics who may say that you could possibly be too small to play the defensive back position in the B1G?

STRIBLING: Well, once I head to Michigan, they are going to make me put on more weight, which I’m gaining lots of weight right now. That’s why I focus on the mental aspect of the game because you can put on weight but it’s hard to coach a guys I.Q. When the physical part of my game comes along, there will be a balance between the two.

TBHR: Michigan has a funny reputation of having other schools starting to offer their “under-the-radar” type commits. Have you heard from any other schools or have you completely shut down your recruitment?

STRIBLING: I haven’t heard from any other schools. But, unlike most commits who decommit, I’m a man of my word and I won’t choose any other school over Michigan. I’m from Alabama and I grew up an Alabama fan. My friends and family ask me if Alabama were to offer me, would I go? I tell them no because Alabama was at my school to watch me play. They saw me and did nothing like the other schools did. Michigan looked past the ratings and if any other school offered me. They saw me as a special player that they loved and I thank God and the Michigan coaching staff for that.

TBHR: Last question, once you arrive on campus, what are your short and long term goals you’d like to accomplish as a Wolverine?

STRIBLING: Well, everyone says that they will redshirt me my first year. I see that as a challenge so my first goal is get playing time and start my first year. I would love to be the starter for many years. My long term goal is to get as many degrees in psychology as possible, and of course to become a professional athlete. If that doesn’t work out I would like to become a psychological therapist.

Spoken like a true Michigan Man.

If you’re interested in viewing some highlight tape of Stribling, you can find it below.

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