Monday Monologue 07.02.12

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Monday Monologue 07.02.12

This Zach Parise story has taken so many twists and turns. First he’s gonna sign today, then tomorrow, then right away, then wait indefinitely. Brett Favre even gave him a phone call to let him know he should hurry things up.

I could have gone with the “Brett Favre sent him a text message” route with that last one, but I try to keep Monday Monologue PG, and Brett Favre text messages are usually X-rated.

So big time college football is finally getting a 4 team playoff in 2014. Some SEC fans everywhere are claiming that they should get at least 5 teams into the playoff. Well smarter SEC fans realize….oh wait, there are none of those.

For some strange reason, Notre Dame’s approval of the football playoff was deemed relevant by the NCAA and national media. We all know that Notre Dame hasn’t been relevant in a long time. To show you just how little Notre Dame matters, here are the Top 10 Things More Relevant Than Notre Dame (with input from my Twitter followers):

10. @bigpapadave76 ‘s follower count
9. Hearing someone else’s tournament or bracket pool results
8. Delmon Young’s plate discipline (@UMJason)
7. Indiana football’s 2012 and 2013 recruiting classes (@HolySmHoke)
6. My 1st place fantasy football and baseball trophies (@kboxx97)
5. Chad Ochocinco’s 2011 season stats (@jjthomas06)
4. (@APetrelak)
3. Notre Dame’s preseason ranking
2. Charlie Weis’s dieting book
1. BMG Music Service, 12 CDs for the price of 1 (@jfish6711)

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