What If The BCS Were Dead In ’06?

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Michigan fans, the BCS has finally come to it’s destined end. The BCS has been a figure of controversy. Let’s decide who plays in the National Championship Game based on a computer algorithm.

Something was decided to be done after LSU met Alabama for the second time this season. Which subsequently jobbed Oklahoma State out of a chance to compete by mere decimal points.

Let’s go back to 2006. A year Michigan fans remember quite well. The death of legendary coach Bo Schembechler, the brutal three-point loss to the Buckeyes at the Horseshoe, and the controversy that followed. Did Michigan deserve the right to play Ohio State again in the National Championship? Let’s use the newly announced playoff system to figure it out.

After the Michigan and USC upset (losing in stunning fashion to UCLA) this is how the “BCS top four” stood:

1. Ohio State
2. Florida
3. Michigan
4. LSU

According to the new rules, the number one ranked team plays the number four seed. The number two seed plays the third.

With that being said, Ohio State would take on LSU and Florida would play Michigan. A dream scenario for most modern-day Michigan fans. A chance to take Urban Meyer on to play in the National Champion game.

Ohio State could have another date with destiny, playing Michigan in the championship. Michigan could face LSU. Or you could see a SEC match-up with Florida against LSU. The combinations are interesting, with great teams playing great football.

Though predicting who would win these match-ups would be impossible to configure. Keep in mind that this Final Four doesn’t necessarily reflect the potential four that would be picked by the selection committee. It’s something to reflect on.

If you want to see Michigan play for the National Championship, they MUST take care of business this time around.

Derek Devine
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