Monday Monologue 06.18.12

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Monday Monologue 06.18.12

The Red Hot Chili alienated the crowd at their Columbus, OH show, with drummer Chad Smith singing “Hail to the Victors” against a chorus of boos. This is considered the most egregious offense in Columbus, and Chad Smith got the full punishment allowed by OSU campus officials. Fortunately for Chad, they used Urban Meyer’s discipline policy, so he only had to sit out for 1/4 of the first song, at the following night’s show.

At Arizona, the leading tackler from last season, LB Brian Wagner left the team, citing lack of love for the game. When asked for comment, Rich Rodriguez responded “what’s a linebacker?

RichRod will respond to this adversity the only way he knows, playing the song “You Raise Me Up” on his iPod, and using the vacated scholarship to get another 5’7″ wide receiver.

The Lions made news this week because none of their players got any DUIs or arrests.

With fantasy drafts coming up in the next couple months, it’s time to start thinking about team names. With help of the twitter community, here are the Top 10 Michigan-related fantasy team names:

10. Robbing The Crable
9. Pee Wee the Dee Tee (@GoBlueChic)
8. Threet and Out (@jMatthe313)
7. Morning Woodley (@jMatthe313)
6. GarrettRivas Island (@deboerja22)
5. Call Me Brady (@UMJason)
4. Henne Given Sunday (@JoshuaHenschke)
3. Pimpin’ Ain’t Ezeh (@JoshuaHenschke)
2. Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi (@supprtbradyhoke)
1. Breaston Plants

(All contributors’ twitter handles that aren’t submitted by me are in parentheses)

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