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Blaise Ndewa (Snellville, GA) is a ’14 dual-threat quarterback looking for a Michigan offer. Even though Ndewa is currently a back-up quarterback, he is passionate and working hard to gain the starting position and attention from other schools. On top of that, he has one heck of an awesome first name. Fitting for a player with blazing (no pun intended) speed.

Ndewa took some time to answer some questions for me. Such as where Michigan might stand if they ever were to offer him and how they stack up against his dream school.

Q: Talk about your style at quarterback. What type of quarterback are you?

A: Here we play a spread out of the shotgun with one and three step drops. I’m considered a Dual-Threat quarterback by Rivals and Scout. I usually look to beat defenses with my arm by spreading them out then finish them with my legs. I have a clocked 40 time of a 4.65!

Q: Talk about your strengths and weaknesses at the quarterback position.
A: Well I have a lot of strengths. Such as my pregame and the love of the game, scouting, research, etc. Even though I am a backup right now, I make sure I know who we’re playing, who are the stars and their strengths and weaknesses. I have a strong arm, I am mobile and I am able to do everything and more to win and help my teammates on and off the field. My weaknesses are things like consistency, putting steam on throws from time to time, reading the field or telling differences in schemes and coverages. Also, my weight isn’t where I want it to be. I have to gain about 5-10 lbs.

Q: Have you always been a Michigan fan?  Why do you want a Michigan offer?
A: I have not always been a fan, to be honest. I’ve heard and liked the program but here in Georgia I don’t get to see much of them and whats going on up there. But I love a lot of things about Michigan. that I respect. From the most win’s in college football history, coach Carr offering Tom Brady, Heisman winners in the program, things like that. I would LOVE an offer from Michigan. To know they see potential in me and that I can help a program get back to their winning ways while destroying teams on a path to WIN championships. It helps that their education isn’t bad either. A degree from there means something too.
But on the side I love the school, coaches, tradition and players. Even though I’m more of a Nike guy, I would be putting on the maize and blue! My dream school is the University of Georgia. I will try to get up to Michigan later this summer or definitely by next year to check everything out and meet with the coaches.

Q: If the time comes that you receive a Michigan offer, what would be your initial thoughts? Also, would Michigan be receiving a commitment from you if you were to receive an offer?
A: I’m not sure. Of course I’d be excited, honored and blessed. But I can’t rehearse emotions especially of things so important and that could change me and my family’s life. In regards to committing, it depends on my offer list at the time, and also how many quarterbacks Michigan are taking. It also depends on whether my dream school is interested or even offers me. It’ll be tough not to, but I would consider it very much.

Q: Finally, what are you doing preparing for your junior year and also preparing for college offers?
A:  Right now I’ll be attending as many camps as I can, throwing a lot and trying to put on weight to build to my frame. Hopefully I continue to grow and hit about 6’4” even 6’5” over the next couple of years. Since right now I’m currently standing at 6’2”. 
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