The Big House Report in Support of #RyanKennedy

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UPDATE: Ryan Kennedy passed away on 5/26/2012. Two days after his 10th birthday. Keep the dream alive.

This little boy to the left of your screen is not an ordinary fourth grader. He has faced challenges that would make the most hardened of people weep. Ryan is facing what is likely his last bout with brain cancer before it finally takes his short life.

Since this is not part of the daily routine here at The Big House Report, it was Ryan’s wish to trend on Twitter. With that being said, let’s make it happen. Join me in the quest to make this little boy’s dream come true and to spread awareness of the horrible toll cancer takes on human life.

What you can do is simply tweet #RyanKennedy to help trend this topic both locally and nationally. Make a sweet little boy’s dream come true.

Derek Devine
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