Smile! You’re on the Post of Shame!

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WARNING: The tweets included in this post might have language most would consider to be offensive. Viewer discretion is advised.

We’ve all seen the picture, we’ve all witnessed the backlash, the awkward twists and turns and embarrassing behavior from the opposing fan base.

My thoughts about the whole situation? I think it’s great for the rivalry. How can you get worked up negatively about a kid burning a letter.. Let me repeat that.. A LETTER.

This is perfect for the rivalry, it adds fuel to the fire (no pun intended) that’s been lacking for years. I wouldn’t have a problem if a Buckeye burned a letter from Michigan. BUT, I doubt Hoke would openly recruit a kid that has committed to Ohio State. That’s a totally different issue in itself.

The purpose of this post is to show how the backlash has gotten out of hand and how some “fans” have stooped to, for lack of a better word, pathetic levels to show their pride in the Ohio State University. I warn you all that there is inappropriate language included in the tweets below. Let this be a lesson to not only Michigan fans, but fans of all schools. Threatening a high school kid, regardless of what was said, doesn’t help your school and makes you look like a fool. You’re not anonymous behind a computer. After all, this is football we are talking about. You’re getting angry at a 16-18 year-old kid that feels passionate about the school he wants to play his college ball for the next four years. Cool. Keep your emotions in check.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the post of shame! Smile!

@LoganTillman you sir have multiple concussions coming your way. lets see what you have to say after that.. #buckeyenation #scUM
— David Towslee (@davidtowslee23) May 30, 2012

@LoganTillman Whadup fag? You ready to get destroyed by OSU? #BadDecision
— KJ Brzuziewski (@KBru55) May 30, 2012

@LoganTillman You’ve got no clue what you have coming for you on 11/24 when you come to Columbus. #buckeyenation go burn yourself asshole
— andy rinehart (@AndyRinehart76) May 30, 2012

Hey @LoganTillman. You can’t pick a fight and blame the recipient. I wish you Karma.
— Jim Ewing (@jimewing22) May 30, 2012

@LoganTillman you are a giant pussy. Have fun getting your ass kicked on the field. #BuckeyeNation
— Danny Nicholson (@Danny_Nicholson) May 30, 2012

@LoganTillman cracks me up how this fat piece of crap defends himself. You’re gonna burn boy #GoBucks #killtillman
— Caleb Michael Houser (@calebhouser9) May 30, 2012

@odoggyfresh I wish so many horrible things on him over his career, pulling a stunt like that still in high school, @LoganTillman is nobody
— Josh B (@JoshB410) May 30, 2012

@LoganTillman go fuck yourself Nazi.
— Corey Cates (@CoreyCates) May 30, 2012

@LoganTillman bro i dont think that letter was even meant for you. Wrong address Tell me how it feels in november gettin your ass stopped
— Tyler Downey (@Downeytd) May 30, 2012

@LoganTillman last dude that talked mad shit about buckeyes went 0-4 against us….have fun being ohio states bitch
— Jeremy Turner (@PsychoBuckeye) May 26, 2012

@LoganTillman is a raging homo. #queer
— Caleb Michael Houser (@calebhouser9) May 28, 2012

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4 thoughts on “Smile! You’re on the Post of Shame!

  1. Obligatory disclaimers: Even as a Buckeye fan, I am not interested in defending the practice of following/tweeting high school recruits by fans, whether they be fans of that recruit’s school or its rival(s). I think it is stupid.

    That said: Since you agree, obviously, that LTT’s tweet was inflammatory, I’m not sure what’s supposed to be especially offensive about any of these responses you’ve posted – aside, of course from things like “fag”, “homo”, & the hashtags “#killtillman” (which I doubt very much constitutes an actual threat but is still undoubtedly over the line) & “#queer”, things which would be offensive in any context & are not unique to CFB rivalries & recruiting battles. I mean, LTT can taunt & inflame in a public forum, & you not only have no problem with it but actually think it is GOOD for the rivalry, but taunting & inflammatory responses from rival fans are out of bounds? Please. Your stance on this is clearly a product of your perspective as a Michigan partisan rather than the result of standing on any kind of principle.

    Also, I count 11 tweets here, which you have described as being representative of “the opposing fan base”. Neat trick, that – even if we take just the student body at Ohio State, 11 doesn’t even get you to one one-thousandth of a percent. Maybe that is one one-millionth of a percent of the Buckeye “fan base”. Your generalization is invalid.

    It is very interesting, though, that none of the tweets you’ve posted contain the “death threats” we’ve heard so much about, even from “real” journalistic outlets like the Freep. I suspect that LTT was exaggerating about that just a bit – it’s not really feasible that we would not know the details of such a threat if it existed, or that there wouldn’t be police involvement. My guess is that the “death threats” are actually the stupid #killtillman thing.

    As an aside, I will eagerly await your denouncement of Kyle Bosch’s threat of violence via Twitter, & am interested to hear your thoughts about his explicit reference to firearms. But that was probably just harmless standing-up-for-a-brother from an irreproachable Michigan Man, though, right?

    Finally: As I write this, it’s 28 hours since you posted & 7 hours since MGoBrian linked – & this Buckeye fan is the 3rd commenter & the 1st to say anything substantive. Congratulations on your highly-trafficked blog & its vibrant community!

  2. Why are OSUcks fan’s on a Michigan site? Closet UofM fans? Go back to reading how you are losing recruits to the Blue and Stoneburner’s arrest. Good luck on your future, you’ll need it.

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