Quick Hits With Logan Tuley-Tillman

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Logan Tuley-Tillman has interviewed with The Big House Report before. We briefly caught up with him to discuss a few things (that DON’T involve letter burnings).

  • What’s he’s up to preparing for senior year: “For the past month I’ve been getting up before school at 5 a.m.  running a half-mile to get the blood flowing. I’m down from 326 lbs to 308 lbs.
  • Where he is attending high school next year: “Honestly, no. But it probably will be out here in Peoria. I haven’t really found anything else.”
  • His thoughts on recruiting rankings: “I don’t pay much attention to it. I know a couple of people around me that do. It’s really pretty funny with all the recruiting rankings. I heard I dropped a couple of spots recently, which I couldn’t care less about.
  • How he feels how the recruiting class will finish up: “We’re optimistic about how we are going to finish up. For some guys it’s coming down to the last minute and other guys we really don’t know. There’s a couple like a wide receiver, that I’m pretty sure he’s probably leaning toward us more than anyone else, he’s just looking around. I think it’ll be a situation like I did and end up coming home to the Blue.”
    • Who is this wide receiver Tuley-Tillman is referring to? Treadwell, perhaps? Only time will tell!
  •  “Team 134 will have a ‘Moving Like Bernie‘ video. The chances of it going viral are pretty good considering what else went viral recently (laughs). It will be shot privately at a location on campus in Ann Arbor. If you see us in the M Den, that’s probably why (laughs). For the record, big guys should not dance but I gotta do it for my guys. Khalid Hill came up with the idea, he’s just the man. We’re going to the M Den for sure.”
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