Monday Monologue 05.21.12

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Poor Jim Tressel

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Monday Monologue 05.21.12

I am on a Twitter break right now, but I am still writing the column. Kind of like how Tressel got fired, but still have the pregame pep talk against Michigan. Except me writing this column isn’t an NCAA rules violation.

I found out that while I was gone from Twitter, Sparty has been showing an inferiority complex, Notre Dame is acting arrogant about what happened 30-70 years ago, and the Buckeyes committed a lot of violations. So I see that a whole  lot has changed.

Speaking of those Buckeye violations, the athletic department reported they had 46 secondary violations in the 2011-12 academic year. This goes along quite nicely with the 4600 they didn’t report.

My least favorite secondary violation is Greg Robinson’s coaching of Michigan’s secondary. That entire era should have been illegal.

Memorial Day is coming up in a week, or as it’s known in my house “Tressel Firing Anniversary”. All sweatervests will be flying at half mast in Columbus.

(out of material so here’s an old classic)
Urban Meyer banned his players from using Twitter. Now you will just have to track them the old-fashioned way: police reports.

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