Monday Monologue 05.07.12

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Monday Monologue 05.07.12

Notre Dame starting QB Tommy Rees made headlines for punching a cop last week. Punching a cop raised a few eyebrows, but the real shocker was
that he hit his target. There really is a first time for everything.

Don’t plan on harsh punishment for Tommy Rees. Head coach Brian Kelly only gave wide receiver Michael Floyd a slap on the wrist for his DUI last year. He is expected to follow his standard player discipline policy, the one also used by Urban Meyer and Mike Dantonio. This policy is known as “no player discipline whatsoever”.

After Sparty missed out on yet another BCS bowl, former MSU quarterback Kirk Cousins complained that Michigan got rewarded by playing in the Sugar Bowl, even though they were at home “sitting on their couch”. Now that Kirk Cousins got drafted by the same team as Robert Griffin III, Cousins will finally get his wish. No, he will not go to a BCS game, but he will get to be home and sit on his couch a lot.

Speaking of Urban Meyer, they’ve discovered another defect in the wall he built around Ohio. By now, you know that he built “the border” to keep the best recruits in-state, and that has failed miserably. The wall also lets very creepy dudes into not only the state, but photographs
with Buckeye football players and recruits.

The whole recruit stalking situation has been a really gross and disturbing development for many. Not only is it causing recruits to leave that school in Ohio, it makes me really not want to go to Buffalo
Wild Wings on trivia night. And I love my wings.

Centers David Molk of Michigan and Mike Brewster of O$U had a twitter feud a few months ago, regarding Molk saying he should be drafted higher. One of the highlights was Brewster tweeting “keep my name out of your mouth, Molk”. Apparently NFL teams took this to mean “keep my name
off your draft board” as Brewster went undrafted this year.

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