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Linebacker Mike McCray, who’s father played for the Buckeyes is a recent Michigan commit for the 2013 class. Hailing from Trotwood, OH, Mike is one in the group of many talented recruits to come from that area.

McCray took some time out to answer a few of my questions. Who does McCray say has a “good mouth piece”? Find out more below!

Q: Let’s start off with talking about Ohio State. Your dad was an alum and ex-player, is your family mad or bitter that you did not receive an offer from them?

A: No, my family was not mad or bitter about me not getting an offer from Ohio State because they knew that I had other offers on the table.
Q: What about Michigan drew you in and made you want play there? Considering you’re from Ohio and have Ohio State blood in your veins.

A: Michigan had everything that I was looking for in a school. They have a lot of history, winning program, family type atmosphere, great academics and it’s not too far from home.
Q: They say revenge is a dish served cold. How do you plan on getting “revenge” against the doubters at Ohio State?

A: I’m not going out for revenge against Ohio State. I will just go out and play hard just like any other team and do the best that I can. I will always have doubters even if I didn’t choose Michigan.

Q: By the time your career with Michigan is over, what are you wanting to accomplish?

A: I want to have accomplished winning a national championship, winning the Big Ten all 4 years, play in a bowl game every year, to be a better man and most of all get my degree.

Q: What would you consider strengths and weaknesses in your game? What type of player do you consider yourself?
A: My strengths would be speed, size, good football IQ, foottwork and great hands. My weaknesses would probably getting off blocks better and working on my strength.

Q: What are your thoughts on Shane Morris and his ability to recruit? How much of an impact did they have on Michigan’s standing with you?

A: Shane is a great person and knows how to talk (where I’m from, we say has a good mouth piece). He knows a lot about Michigan and he tells you everything they have to offer and it’s a great place to be. He had a small impact on my decision.

Q: Is there anyone in particular you’re recruiting? Anyone in particular on your list of guys you want to see Blue?
A: I have been trying to get Laquon Treadwell. I would love to see one of my teammates come with me. Such as Reon Dawson (DB) Tre Williams-Brown (DE, LB) or Isareal Green (RB).


Q: Last question, where do you see Michigan headed in the future?

A: I see Michigan being one of the top schools in the country like it was in the past. I also see us competing for a National Championship every year.

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