Denard Robinson and the “Sanctity” of the No. 1 Jersey

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The future jersey of D. Robinson?

To bestow? Or not to bestow? That is the question facing Brady Hoke regarding to the iconic #1 jersey that has been idling in the equipment room, waiting for a player to step up and earn it. The last time a player had worn the #1 jersey, he had a last name of Edwards. He had a fairly nice career with the Wolverines.

Denard Robinson has been under the spotlight of various rumors and gossip that he could be the guy to don the #1 jersey in his last season in Ann Arbor. If not Robinson, then whom?

Traditionally, Michigan has reserved the #1 jersey for the most outstanding wide receiver, whom exceeds expectations of performance throughout an entire career. Currently, with a depleted receiving corps coming in to 2012, Roy Roundtree might be the only guy that could once be argued as the player that could wear it. Roundtree lead the team in receptions twice during his career, including 72 catches in 2010. But, a 19 catch season last year isn’t exactly enthralling to the coaching staff.

My opinion? Patience is a virtue.

Just because the #1 jersey has not been seen on the field for quite some time doesn’t mean that it should be bestowed to a player on a whim. Brady Hoke understands this. Also, it doesn’t mean that Robinson doesn’t deserve the jersey.

Robinson is unique on and off the field. He’s reached the top 10 in rushing and passing all-time in the Michigan record books. With one more season to go, his name will go with the greatest names to ever don a winged helmet. With all that being said, the tradition and sanctity of the #1 jersey is too great to ignore. Should it go to a wide receiver? Probably. But, does Robinson deserve the jersey? Absolutely.

Personally, I don’t feel the time is right to hand out iconic jersey numbers just yet. The Michigan football program is still recovering from a coach that ignored tradition, and would hand iconic jersey numbers to incoming Freshman running backs. Let’s see what Hoke can bring in talent wise, and wait a few more years until we can seriously consider a player for the #1 jersey.

Just because tradition is available to use, doesn’t mean it has to happen before the time is right. Have patience, the jersey will find the player. That’s when you know it’s the right time.

Derek Devine
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