Dear Athletic Department.. What Are You Thinking?

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UPDATE: The band WILL be allowed to travel to Dallas to participate in the game against Alabama!

Stephen Nesbitt, writer for the Michigan Daily, tweeted today that the Marching Band will not be making the trip to Dallas this fall when Michigan plays Alabama the first game of the season. So, here is my short, but to the point, open letter to the Athletic Department.

Dear Michigan Athletic Department,

Uh, hello? Who thought this total lapse of judgement was a good idea? Does the Athletic Department realize that this is a nationally televised game that a good majority of the nation will be watching? Once again, the Southern fans will trump the Michigan fans, as we will just lose a lot of our luster. Our voice and rituals in the seats are not the same without the marching band. Why take that from us?

I, for one, am extremely upset with this decision making. The marching band could be brought to the Sugar Bowl, but not to Dallas Stadium? One of the biggest events in recent Michigan football history? Michigan football is finally making some noise, and you cuckold them by not allowing their band come with them? I simply do not understand.

What’s next, UPS shipping of the M Club Banner is going to be too expensive? Where’s our Victors fight song when OUR team runs on to the field? Do you really feel that artificial noise over stadium speakers will replace the sensation of pride and pure joy our marching band gives us every game?

In short, Dave Brandon and company, you are making a catastrophic mistake if you do not send the marching band to Dallas. We are participating in a once-in-a-lifetime event, Michigan should be well represented. I hope the public outcry and hatred is worth it.


A Concerned Michigan Wolverine Fan (The Big House Report)

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