TBHR’s 5 Michigan Moments: #5 Anthony Carter’s Catch Against Indiana

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The year was 1979, Michigan was playing a conference game against Indiana. The Wolverines jumped out to an early lead and looked to have their 5th conference win of the season locked down. The Hoosiers fought back and tied the game late in the fourth quarter. Michigan needed 78 yards in just 51 seconds to score, or the game would end in a tie.

With just six measly seconds left in the game, John Wangler delivered a ball to Anthony Carter that would catapult Carter to the forefront of Michigan history. Carter, just a freshman at the time of the catch, would become one of the greatest wide receivers to ever wear the winged helmet.

The beauty of this play is the pure joy and excitement in Bob Ufer’s voice. As he gets clearly emotional after such a memorable moment. A true Michigan broadcasting legend:

“Bo Schembechler is looking up at Fielding H. Yost in football’s Valhalla and Bo Schembechler says: “Thank you Fielding Yost! Thank you Fielding Yost for that one!” Look at the crowd! You cannot believe it! Meechigan (in Ufer style) throws a 45 yard touchdown pass! Johnny Wangler to Anthony Carter would be heard until another 100 years of Michigan football is played. Right here it all happened, you’re listening to it, I hope you can hear me because I’ve never never been so happy in all of my cotton pickin’ 59 years. Oh, I’ve seen, I have broadcast 347 ballgames. I’ve never had one like this!” – Bob Ufer

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